Friday, October 6, 2017

好消息!好消息! 新的菜单,新的配套已出炉! 经过重新的调整与创新,更加的让顾客们感到惊喜。 价格也超值,超优惠! 我们Victory Catering 绝对是最佳的选择,立即拨打热线03-77731468 ☎️或通过电子邮件 📧询问更多有关详情。您也可以通过官方网站 得到更多相关资讯。 Good news everybody!!! Our new menu and new package after the re-adjustment and innovation, the new menus is come out!!! Our price is very worth and super favourably!!! Victory Catering is the best choice for you! 🤩 There are so many options to choose from the menus. Give us a call whenever you're planning a buffet. You'll be amazed at our service! 😀 Call us at 03-77731468 📞 or you may also email us at 📧 and visit our official website for more info and the menu details.

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